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The Missing AWS Big Picture Diagram?

I am a Visual Learner, and as I prepared to get certified in AWS, I realized the following, very quickly -

* AWS has too many tools... and the naming of them is not always intuitive. And there are various nuances in trying to get 1 tool to work with the others.

* AWS has tried very hard to monetize everything... and that seems to be their focal point in introducing a new tool.

* There is no single clean diagram which has all the AWS tools... and hence if one is looking for certification, it is easy to get lost in the jargons.

* I wish AWS introduces a "Strategy advisor" tool that suggests the recommended architecture and options for the problem the customer is facing - that ties all the AWS components and on premises infrastructure together to recommend the best option to the customer.

I started with a diagram, and this helped me tie many loose ends... I could not complete the diagram because of my 2 week target for certification, but, would love to, with your help.

Thoughts/comments welcome... Let me know if you are interested in starting a open source repository to document the AWS ecosystem as a series of diagrams... OR in fact to implement the "Strategy advisor/wizard"...

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