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Who is Coach Jo?
Transformation is her middle name.

Jothsna has spent 20+ years in the private sector of Fortune 500 companies before turning to her true passion: coaching children to reach their maximum potential. 

As a Tony Robbins Certified Life Coach and an Executive Functioning Coach trained under Peg Dawson, she understands the core psychology of teens and coaches them to discover their strengths.

Her unique and effective coaching techniques have helped many teens with study skills, time management, orgnaization, effective communication and academics. She coaches ADHD children and guide them to thrive and succeed. She specializes in coaching teens for High School/College success.

Who is Coach Anne?

Anne Shields is a Career Coach and Consultant, Trainer, Speaker, and Career Strategist.

She has 35+ years of experience with expertise in guiding students to choose a major, explore career interests,  choose and land internships and jobs

Anne serves on the admissions team at the University of Rochester.

She has led career centers at  3 of the top 15 nationally ranked liberal arts colleges and Carnegie Mellon

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